Eclectic Cabaret #3: Friday 1st September, 2017

Our third Eclectic Cabaret introduced us to Mike Land, who gave us a new live experience as he used guitar and loops to set himself up with  (a technique not unlike some bloke who's been doing quite well in the charts recently). Mike played a great set of his own original songs along with a few covers and we liked him lots.

We'd asked Wood'n'stock back 'cos we like them, too. They asked Eclectic Cabaret's Mike to guest with them, on bass, which was accomplished with aplomb. (this isn't him writing. that would be weird.)

We were very thrilled to have secured a set from performance poet George Chopping, whose style was kind of diffident but also actually just slightly challenging or at least hoping we'll listen, actually - which we all did, with great enjoyment. And we bought his volume of poems, and enjoyed that, too.

And finally Andy Turner gave us a fine set with some very pretty instruments - I believe an anglo-concertina and a one-row melodian - they played some sweet-sounding and lively tunes of a folk variety. Andy mixed it up in his set with his distinctive vocals, stories, and those aforementioned instruments, and his experience of providing an accomplished performance was amply demonstrated. A real privilege.

But you don't need to take my word for it: if at all possible we make videos of the performances available so take a listen. They're all there in the attached Youtube playlist. And we hope to see you at an Eclectic Cabaret soon!

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