Eclectic Cabaret #1: Friday 24th March 2017

Well, we did it - the first Eclectic Cabaret took place on Friday 24th March 2017 with only a few minor hitches.

Many, many thanks to the bands that kindly gave up their time to come and play - Wood’n’Stock, Melobo (pictured), KIVA, and Hill’s Angels.

Many, many, many thanks also to Karen for all her advice on putting on events and for coming and running the food counter. Also to Andy (of Wood’n’Stock and the fantastic Woodstock Acoustic) for all his advice and help. Thanks to Annie for helping set everything up (and for singing so beautifully with KIVA) and finally, the biggest of thank you-s to Lynn for running the mixing desk, video camera, and taking photographs.

Everyone has said what a fantastic session it was - it was good to see so many people there (about 60, we think).

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