Eclectic Cabaret #9: 16th November 2018 (The Shapes, Waterfahl, Death of the Maiden, Genevieve Miles)

The Shapes (Unplugged)

The Shapes have recorded a number of albums and EPs and have played at practically every music venue in Oxford and county including the prestigious Common People, Truck festival (2013,2014 and 2015… and 2016) and the annual Kid’s are alright charity event (2013,2014,2015 and 2016). Each of the band members brings a wealth of experience in folk, country, rock, soul and pop bands but now concentrate on the unique upbeat indie sound that has received wide acclaim in the media. Often compared to REM, Crowded House, the Shapes like to surprise with their eclectic range of hummable songs which tell stories of lives dedicated to good music.


We're very pleased to announce the return of the brilliant Waterfahl.  This acoustic duo play style Nordicana, described as bluesy Americana mixed with the tone of Nordic song-writing from their Danish background. Melodic guitar-play, deep female vocals and soulful harmonica form the core of their sound.

Waterfahl released their debut album "Sharp Flats" recorded with full band this summer - an album about the people in a block of flats. The songs range from melancholy blues over folky ballads to upbeat pop songs - a diversity in music to reflect and celebrate the diversity in a community. The song "Romance" from the album made it into top 10 of the playlist for national Danish radio P5.

Death of the Maiden (acoustic)

Death of the Maiden (acoustic) - stimulating and wonderful music from Tamara Parsons-Baker and Hannah Bruce.

Tamara Parsons-Baker has spent the past few years establishing herself as Oxford’s best double barrelled surname performer, and, in a not so subtle nod to the fact that she’s been literally slaughtering the competition, has a new band named Death of the Maiden. Those who she deemed to bestow mercy upon, or were possibly her accomplices, can be found performing in her band with Emma Coombs (drums), J (seriously, you have a one letter moniker for a bass player?) and Hannah Bruce (guitar, and also a sterling solo performer in her own right). Aside from being brazen, and let’s face it, a little bit showy about having committed multiple homicides, Death of the Maiden produce gothy baroque-pop burlesque death-folk. If that description makes you want to vomit 1) yeah, it should 2) swallow it and get prepared to tell people in future "actually I heard a gothy baroque-pop burlesque death-folk band once, and they were really good. No I can’t remember what they were called, something about Maidenhead I think".

Death of the Maiden

Genevieve Miles

A brilliant young voice, we welcome Genevieve Miles' debut at the Eclectic Cabaret. Genevieve’s upbeat blend of folk and pop has been entertaining audiences in and around the Cotswolds for several years - singing her clever and witty originals along with classic covers.
With her sense of fun and audience involvement, she has become an uplifting and popular festival performer with wide appeal.

"Saw @genevievemiles performing yesterday - what a star! Fresh, inventive and just plain fun. Folky, quirky (in a very good way) and so natural in front of an audience”


Genevieve Miles

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