Andy Turner

Vocals, anglo-concertina, one-row melodeon: traditional English music sung and played with conviction.

Andy Turner fell in love with traditional music in the late seventies, and has been performing it ever since. He is a fine singer of traditional songs, and a leading exponent of the anglo-concertina.

Andy is a member of Oxfordshire group Magpie Lane and dance bands Geckoes, Chameleons and The Oxford NAGS. He performs solo, and in a duo with fiddle-player Mat Green. He has also worked with Chris Wood, the Oyster Band and the Mellstock Band.

Andy's blog A Folk Song A Week ran for 5 years, during which time he posted some 280 songs - mostly traditional, mostly English, but with the occasional number sourced from the likes of Billy Bragg, Richard Thompson, Elvis Costello and... George Formby.

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